Classic Kata of Shorin-ji Ryu

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An absolute must have book on classic katas as performed by Leroy Rodriques.  A student of the legendary Richard "Biggie" Kim, this book shows the ancient katas the way he taught them during the 1960's when he had just retuirned from Japan, to his student Leroy Rodriques. 19 different katas are performed by former kata champion Rodriques, including Ananku, Juroku, Kururunfa, Itosu Rohai, Wan Kuak, Yabu Chinto, Yabu Useishi and many more. This is the way they came out of Okinawa originally and from which most other Japanese systems derive their kata.


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Master Wayne Benfield 30th Jul 2014


it would have been nice to have move between the move pictures but since i have been studing Okinawan martial arts for 43 years i am able to see the kata. It is great for someone who studys kata to see how they have changed

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