How to Master Bruce Lee’s Fighting System by Joe Lewis

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Joe Lewis, The Greatest Fighter in The History of Karate, has written what is being called the definitive book on Bruce Lee's fighting method. This long anticipated book will be an in-depth study into the key training secrets Bruce Lee personally taught Lewis in the late 1960s. Lewis went on to win 30-major martial arts tournaments and established himself as the recognized Greatest Fighter in the History of Karate. Twice named to the black Belt Hall of Fame and a NAPMA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Lewis has been hesitant through the years to discuss the secret training sessions he had with Lee and the impact they may have had on his skill. "There are a lot of misrepresentations and hype regarding my relationship with Bruce Lee and his skill level," says Lewis. "This will answer all the questions people have about the real Bruce Lee as a martial artist, and teacher. It's time to tell the truth." While many books have been written about Lee, this is the first by a major martial arts legend. Known as one of the most powerful fighters in the history of martial arts, Lewis promises to bring that hard-hitting style to the pages of sure-fire blockbuster book.


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