The Art of War Box Set Special ( 1 DVD plus 1 Book )

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This amazing package includes both a book and a DVD.

Instead of simply reprinting the historically famous "The Art Of War" by Sun Tsu, this book provides insightful discussion by two martial arts historians and educators, J.M. Barrio and Alfredo Tucci. Once you begin to read the commentaries and notes taken you will soon be able to see behind the curtain of secrecy and privacy that is in the original work. In the DVD, Professor George Alexander has taken Tsun Zu’s Art Of War and discected it so that we can all understand what it is that this prolific General had in mind. Not only has he highlighted the important points of this master text, he has taken the book and applied it to current times. After explaining the chapters he takes the writings and explains them on a physical level as well as an intellectual level.


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