Aikido's M.Saito Empty Hand

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Smooth, smooth, smooth, is all one can say. Master Saito was one of Ueshiba’s original students and his skill is totally amazing. He is fast, he is filled with ki, and yes, he is very, very smooth, as you will surely see.  He teaches basic techniques and advanced techniques in this production.  He will demonstrate for you and you will be able to see him teaching a class of students some of the same techniques he demonstrates in the first portion of the production.  You will learn many advanced combinations, as well as several reversals, and just so much more... only watching will make you a believer.  This man is so filled with ki, it simply oozes out of him in every move he does.  You will see how he starts and ends a class the exact way he was taught by his Master, the founder of Aikido Master Ueshiba.  This production was shot at the same time as his 5 volume book set was photographed.  This book set is no longer in print and, if you can find them, they sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each.  The entire production is as rare as can be.  The first portion is in black and white and the last portion, including a demonstration of Master Saito, is in full color.  Both portions are very high quality. 


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