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Over 320 topics discussed by a man sometimes known as the Pied Piper of Martial Arts Richard "Biggie" Kim. Health, Ethics, Code Of Bushido, Nirvana, Energy-Ki, Religion, Koans, Laws Of The Universe, Ranking Standards, ancient kata translations, History, Visualization, Sutras, Meditation and many more all related to martial arts. These are the secrets few instructors if any can teach and you will see why he was called the 20th Century Samurai. An amazing book that will finally divulge the secrets or "Okuden" of Oriental martial arts as he was taught by his teachers Yoshida Kotaro, Gogen Yamaguchi, Wang Xiang Zhay, Chen Chen Yuan, Kinji Doihara, Sadao Arakaki, Yabu Kentsu, Kenichi Sawai, So Nei Chu, Mutzu Mizuho, Hiroshi Kinjo and Kamesuke Higashionna to name but a few.


Here are some quotes from magazines his peers friends and students.

Black Belt Magazine

“Richard Kim the pied piper of martial arts.”


Budo International Magazine

“One of the most undisputed signs of wisdom is intelligence, Richard Kim in his books always shares a great deal of knowledge but always with a warm touch of elegance”. Alfredo Tucci

More than one martial arts authority has said that Kim was the most knowledgeable person on the martial arts that they had ever known I agree. Christopher Caille


Fumio Demura

“Sensei Kim taught old school karate the right way and he was the 20th Century Samurai”.


Chuck Merriman

Richard Kim Sensei was truly the "Renaissance Man" of the Martial Arts. An original whose teachings transcended styles and left an indelible impact on all those who benefited from those teachings, myself included.


George Dillman

He was the go-to-man for answers to your many questions, and one of the great historians on all fighting arts. All major Martial Arts Magazines relied on his knowledge, and trusted his answers.  

Leo Fong (Bruce Lee’s friend)

I met Richard Kim in the early 1960’s at the Chinese YMCA in San Francisco. He was very skillful in karate. He was always humble , friendly and accommodating to me but yet I always knew who the master was. He always treated me like family.


Patrick McCarthy

"A genius is rarely acknowledged during his or her own lifetime, but if there is any truth in the expression “tall trees provoke the pride of strong winds,” then Richard Kim was unquestionably the tallest tree within the forest of karate-do.


Hidetaka Nishiyama

“Today the International Traditional Karate Organization promotes Sensei Kim to Judan.This was said at the funeral of Sensei Kim.


Ted Smith Radio Talk Show host WPAT 91.3 NYC.

You can’t explain the unexplainable but I know one thing Richard Kim could explain the unexplainable. He knew everything about me in less then one minute of meeting me. He also knew everything about every educational discipline. WOW what a man!


Isaac Florentine

I learned a lot from Richard Kim. The “Do” aspect in “Bu-do”.


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