Karate's Modern Masters (Download)

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 HUNDREDS OF BOOKS EXIST with writings on the various masters of the martial arts, including the expansive and highly popular art of Karate. Some publications focus on single individuals who have grown over many decades to be legends within the martial arts, and some contain the history and teachings from many long-standing masters. What has not existed until now is a compilation of the philosophies and teachings of the masters of our current day and age. Karate’s Modern Masters is a rare publication that provides a wealth of information in one compact and concise edition, addressing subjects ranging from kata to self defense, and highlighting the careers and notable accomplishments of such great names as Chuck Norris, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Richard Brooks, Mas Oyama, Frankie “Dr. Speed” Mitchell, Joe Lewis and many more. Readers will truly enjoy the insight of these modern masters, as they speak on all aspects of the martial arts today. 

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