Marco de Cesaris: Kick boxing & Muay Thai

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Many of the great Masters and champions took their first steps in their martial discipline hitting, by hitting a bag hanging in the garage, or hanging from a tree or attached to a wall in some way.  Arjarn Framework Cesaris, finds a systematic program to use in training with the heavy bag and hand held pads.  You will learn how to develop resistance to muscle explosions in your arms and legs, how to condition your bones, how to develop stronger punching and kicking power, how to train the techniques of defense and counter attacks with a moving target.  The DVD includes a special section devoted to training the techniques of traditional Muay Boran and the techniques which make that style so brutal and effective.  This DVD is essential for anyone who wants to get the maximum results from their heavy bag and pad training regiment.  By implementing these well designed exercises into your training program, you are sure to gain stronger knockout power, better cardiovascular conditioning, stronger bone density and more accurate aim and timing.  The skills and conditioning learned through this program are essential for any ring fighter, which makes this DVD very valuable to anyone striving for a more proficient performance in the ring.


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