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Ninja Hunter

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On this Fantastic movie Jack Lung is Abbot White, a Wudang priest who makes a play to rule the martial world after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of a student of Shaolin Chang Shan. He recruits the Yee Ho ninja clan who begin abducting young women so that Abbot White can drain their life essence, which gives him iron skin. He also sets the ninjas against Shaolin and sends assassins after the Emperor in order to frame Shaolin. The Emperor orders the destruction of Shaolin Temple and the ninjas are sent to finish off all Shaolin pupils. But a few escape to begin training the next generation of fighters. Enter Wen Ding Alexander Lo Rei and his brother Biao who begin training in the Shaolin Finger Jab technique after their master Mark Lung receives the manual from a young woman. Abbot White has a spy amongst their ranks, but after Hungs daughter is kidnapped, she then places herself in Abbot Whites favor as a mole and tells Wen Ding about Abbot Whites single weak point. Ready for action, the pair take on the ninjas and eventually Abbot White.   


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