The Greatest Martial Artists of All Time

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This book is a compilation of the greatest martial artists of all time including Kung-Fu, TKD, Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, compilation Thai, Capoeira and many other masters. These are the masters that either created the arts or in some way have had a profound impact on the propagation of martial arts world wide including movies stars, authors, and historians. Each one of them truly have made significant positive changes on the arts. Names like Musashi, Capoeira, Choi, Kanazawa, Capoeira, Kano, Capoeira, Gracie, are but a short list of these top rated martial artists. Movie stars who have made serious impacts like Norris, Bruce Lee, JCVD, Seagal, and Jackie Chan round out the names who have been highlighted in this book with close to 300 pages of this painstakingly researched backgrounds and rare in some cases never before seen photos. The book was Ghost written by Dr. Lily Oddie Munro former Minister Of Culture and Communication for the Province of Ontario in Canada.


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