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This DVD shows all the newest rule changes in the WKF and features former champion and former head referee of the USA NKF, Dr. Alex Sternberg, who is well known in the traditional karate field as an expert in the area of coaching and officiating.  He will show you why and how kumite points and kata points are scored, so that you as a competitor or as a parent can better understand how and why the points are awarded. Dr. Sternberg, an excellent karate ka in his own right, will show you why some katas win and yet others do not.  He will show several examples of katas and explain exactly what the officials are looking for when they mark forms. He will also show you, with the aid of two high level black belt competitors, exactly what wins in kumite and why sometimes, when you think it is a point, it isn’t. Key Words: tournament karate, competition karate, officiating, kata, kumite


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